Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day friends! 
I hope you are filling up on your share of chocolates
 and heart shaped sugar cookies :)))
(I wonder if the sugar cookie thing is something that just we Americans do :)
They've always been a favorite of mine.

I bought myself a little five dollar bouquet of roses at the market the other day
 and of course I had to get a few pics for February 14.
Flowers have the power to cheer us and lift our spirits, and after a few
gloomy grey days, I was needing a little lift.



The last time I visited one of my daughter's I was able to take this chippy bench
off her hands since she is changing up her bedroom to a totally different style.
Yay for me!
I needed a little something here at the foot of the bed because our little dog T.T. Rabbit
isn't able to jump up here anymore do to his age.
Now, he just hops up here and onto the bed.

somehow he manages to still do this :)

So the little five dollar bouquet made it around the house and gave me a few snaps 
to share for the day.

it's also a good day to share a little bleeding heart from summer

I have to show yo what my dear neighbor gave me for 
Valentine's Day
She and I love anything Greengate and Maileg and so she gifted me
with the lovely towel and cake stand from Greengate, 
and the cupids are Maileg. 
Of course my husband liked the cookies from Harry and David best!

I wish you all a lovely Valentine's Day!
Hugs from me

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas 2016 at my house

I wasn't able to do very much in the way of decorating for Christmas this year
 because of some health issues, and wasn't able to put together
 a post until now.
Nothing like posting Christmas decorating after January 1st,
but I didn't want to miss sharing what little I did do.

I did the aspen trees from our Fishcreek property again.
Every time we have to work on the fences up there, we end 
up cutting more out of the fence lines.
I hate having them go to waste, 
so they become our Christmas decor!

I kept with the woodland theme on the mantle as well with little 
branches cut from my redleaf roses.

...and made a tree to hang on the wall from leftover aspen branches

the sweet Nativity my oldest daughter made in third grade 

So this was it for us this Christmas, but it was
enough to make things merry and bright around here.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

an autumn wreath and some lovely color in the garden

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I had put off redoing my old wreath long
enough and went out to the garden and cut some of the hydrangeas.
I always reuse my old straw wreath forms and this time I glued the fresh hydrangeas
to the form and let it dry naturally.
I usually make my wreaths out of dried ones because I usually make them in the winter
after the garden is all put to bed, but we had a few days of rain so I was able to take the
time to enjoy putting it together.
The photos were taken after it had dried.

It was so much easier using the hydrangeas fresh and will make sure I do it every time.
Dried hydrangeas shatter easily and leave quite the mess. This was 
pretty no fuss, and it only took me a short time to make.

The hydrangeas I used for this are the Limelight, and while they go through many
stages of color, I am glad I waited to make it while they were in this stage.

really love these colors!

I wanted to share one of my favorite places in the garden and the autumn hues 
that this area had colored up before we had a wild windstorm 
that has left most the trees in the garden bare.
So glad I was able to get several photos of the whole garden this fall, because 
the colors were beautiful this year. 

This birdbath was made by a friend of ours who made it from
discs from his disc (a farm implement that breaks up the earth
after plowing)

I love this birdbath!
 It is large enough for the birds to get a good bath in, and tall
enough that the cats don't jump or climb up it!

This area of the garden was planned to make a special place for the grandchildren.
It's secluded because of the hedge of redtwig dogwood, diablo ninebark, and ashleaf 
spirea I planted on one side, and on the other is a large berm planted with shrubs,
perennials, roses and trees.
It created a little allee for them to play in and not be seen.

A place to create their own little world in.

I have to say that it is my favorite space too!

Whenever I work on this side of the garden bed, I kind of feel like a kid again myself :)))

I love the redleaf rose in the fall! I think this has got to be one of my favorite
shrubs in the garden.
This one along the allee is huge and turns the loveliest color.

Then there's the Hallward Silver spirea with it's yellowing leaves
that then change to a beautiful rusty red.

A little shot of the laceleaf elderberry branch.

Hope to return soon with a few more pics of the Autumn garden.
But for now, I wish you all a wonderful start to your November!